The Silent Hero

This is a true story of living life to the fullest…

Born in Nueva Caceres, Oslob Cebu, on April 4 1918, Isidoro Filipinas Getubig have grown an exceptionally healthy man. He recalled that he never once brought to the Hospital nor have had fever or colds in his teenage life. His mother,Agripina Filipinas preciously love his son, Isidoro and would even comb his hair before going out of the house and put an oil or ointment before Isidoro goes to sleep. Even on his 90s Isidro still do the same daily. He was then known as “Bulldog” in his youth for having an exceptionally muscular built. But his father, Simeon Getubig, whom he described as a strict disciplinarian, would spank Isidoro with a thick rope for reasons Isidoro described as “sala sa bata”, sin of a child. Isidoro recalls that he could sense when his father would castigate him when Simeon closes the window of their house and prepare a bundle of rope while inside the house. The moment Simeon touches his arm, Isidoro quickly jumps from the window. His grandmother passed away at the age of 113 due to a burning accident while cleaning the backyard from dried leaves. Her dress, which was then made of silk, was accidentally caught with fire.

Recruitment as soldier


As a soldier for the World War II

Grandfather would repeatedly tell me that in his youth  that he was designated as a machine gunner. But when asked how many enemy he had killed in battle he would just remark “aw naa jud tingali”, in English means, “there might be”. I did not further asked whether he saw his target while firing his Machine Gun, he described as “water cooler”. Even on his 90s Isidoro could still perfectly recall those guns he used during World War II.

As an elected Brgy. Kagawad

With his election campaign “kung moboto mo, mayo, kung dili, maayo”, Isidoro won the brgy. Election. Being a resident of Bayubo, Las Nievas since 19xxx, Isidoro rose out as a dedicated Brgy. Kagawad.

Best Friend

Juan Ipig Cabusas, met Isidoro sometime in year 1967. He was the only person in the world who shared Isidoro drinking a coconut wine on top of a coconut tree while star gazing the sky. Nong Ipig recalls that he can never recall at single instance that Isidoro and him argued nor have they misunderstood each other. The friendship of almost five decades started when Isidoro one early morning went to Nong Ipig’s house somewhere in Bayubo, and asked the latter if he could harvest a palay from his field. Isidoro would then give Nong Ipig harvested palay once harvesting season comes. Nong Ipig described Isidoro as a extremely hardworking person and extreme poverty was never a factor for him to raise his nine children namely, xxx, her wife, xxx Vidal died due to ovarian cancer. Isidoro’s family was once the poorest, if not, the less fortunate persons in his town.

Isidoro would sell Abaca broomsticks, piglets, vegetables, just to buy salt in the kitchen. There was even a time, his one daughter would cry, while eating their dinner realizing they were eating “onaw”, a food usually feed to the pigs. They were the poorest of the poor. At one time, Isidoro would

Isidoro Getubig in his 90s

Isidoro Getubig in his 90s