imahe will probably change the face of Philippine politics.

It will awaken the filipino consciousness. Young people will value more on their own stand of reality than what the media or parents told them so. This is social conditioning. While listening to Tyler Durden’s seminar on real social dynamics, I thought he was right. social conditioning affects our perception of reality. we assume things that weren’t true in reality.

As a student politics, and being a practitioner of it, decision matters. Every set of tiny decision will change the course of history. As when Bush decided to invade Iraq, or how the Arroyos chose to cheat than play fair during the 2004 polls. Everthing has changed since our leaders decided what and how.

But how are decisions made? What decides or not to decide something?

Marx argued that our social structure determines the economic structure. In English, people who are rich will more likely control the poor, and the economy. In a democratic setting, people will decide who will “decide” their faith. This is called the “social contract theory”. John Lock says the governor should govern with the consent of the governed.

Now the problem now is whether we can make the “right decisions”. that is why Marx suggested that it would be better to abolish the social structure by making it a “classless society”. No one will decide except the one people. By the emergence of a welfare state, this idea has been abandoned by many and replaced it with a representative democracy. 

I could still recall my teacher Myrthena Fianza, told me to make a study about Political Culture. At one instance, she said it is better to abolish the “Congress”. All these statements lead me to one conclusion that is time for me to redefine our “political reality”. What dictates our reality is caused by our day to day transaction with the media, religion, and of course politics. We accept5 thingas as if they were true.

I would like to make a political party called “Imahe”. Imahe will represent the “blind sector”. The sector who doesn’t know the truth. Youth without proper education. And this young generation of “uninformed”. In my next article I will provide a political platform to make this thing working for the 2012 election.

Peace and Wassalam!