Hello world:

One step at a time. This is the first step. I will also end it here, on this site, the reign of so-called–corporate media.

When people talk about gossip about a celebrity, everyone wants to know about the juicy part of it. Just like Andy getting pregnant. The juicy part there is not “is it a boy/girl?”. People wanna know “who is the father?” But beforehand, they already have a clue whom Andy is dating with. After knowing that Pedro is the father, everyone starts to feel the “sexy” about the two. Suddenly, they became popular.

I know the above illustration is quite far from my real goal here. I wanna talk about “counter media” by the way. And I wanted to start here, on this space, on this words. Thanks to WordPress.

This is actually an outline of what I would be doing for the next two years of blogging.

First, I will talk about the concept of “counter media”. (this is of course, not a lecture)

Second, I will present why “counter media” will change the whole equation of media bias.

Finally, I will highlight one by one, piece by piece, my strategy of counter media applied in the Philippines.(“place to be”)

-maayong morning-